Passados os naos de fama, qual o destino dos personagens de videogames? Gene Luen Yang e Thien Pham mostram em Legends of the Joystick.


Não existe fundo do poço para as coisas que um ser humano vai fumar, cheirar ou injetar. O krokodil é uma prova - e mais um indicativo que drogas legalizadas seriam menos prejudiciais a todos.

Diabolicamente mal feitos, feios e duráveis, os produtos do design soviético teriam algo a nos ensinar?


A substantial part of what lies ahead of you is going to be claimed by boredom . The reason I'd like to talk to you about it today, on this lofty occasion, is that I believe no liberal arts college prepares you for that eventuality. Neither the humanities nor science offers courses in boredom . At best, they may acquaint you with the sensation by incurring it. But what is a casual contact to an incurable malaise? The worst monotonous drone coming from a lectern or the most eye-splitting textbook written in turgid English is nothing in comparison to the psychological Sahara that starts right in your bedroom and spurns the horizon.